“It’s a Spa Day for the Entrepreneur's Mind & Heart”

Chrisette’s Passion for Posting:


Over the last 11 years Chrisette Michele has sold millions of singles, albums and toured the world with her career as a solo recording artist. With a very specific niche following she’s assumed the difficulties of staying authentic in a world full of gimmicks. 


With the inception of social media, she has paved a new pathway to create a new kind of "Creative Entrepreneur to Audience" dynamic. Before Instagram was created Chrisette found the passion to share her authentic truth with fans via Twitter YouTube and even FaceBook. Once the social media phenomenon took off, she was equipped with the know how to build an audience using her own tone, style and individual voice. 


A major decrease in major label marketing dollars forced Chrisette to hone in on her specialty, speaking directly to people. Fearlessly commenting to her audience, writing them letters and video’ing her daily life became her avante garde way of building her business. Launching clothing lines, sold out networking tours, in store events and even an online university is the fruit of being un-afraid to share her authentic self and create an honest offering. She's built lists of thousands and social media friends of millions sans a big fancy social media team. She's a big believer in the power of self confidence, an honest offering and your own two thumbs.


Fully aware of the pressures of public life, she's also a teacher of finding the positive in negative scenarios, lifting your head after a storm, and experiencing the power of what you call yourSELF.


New entrepreneurs face difficulties today. With the influx of small businesses, competition paired with salesy copy and gimmicks seem to overwhelm the media waves. 


Chrisette has dedicated her coaching and mentorship work to Pose N Post. She will be sharing how she mapped out her niche and platform with DIY editing, authentic posting and organic storytelling. She’s created this website, a tour and soon to be released items that will take the guess work out of getting real and put the heart back into the creative entrepreneurs marketing strategy. 


The Pose N Post Tour is an exciting event that will travel thru the most requested cities. Get your tickets now and hear from a creative, young pioneer who really believes that the power of authenticity is in your thumbs! She wants to show you how you can build your business with a positive mindset and an honest offering.