“It’s a Spa Day for the Entrepreneur's Mind & Heart”

Chrisette Michele has created a traveling offering where social media powerhouses mingle during a social hour, and then experience workshops that uplift the human spirit and motivate the heart towards true entrepreneurial purpose. 


Being a strong business woman can be humbling, but I haven’t lost my love for people and sharing.
— Chrisette michele


Pose N Post is an event where female entrepreneurs who want more out of life gather together to network, swap tips and leave empowered in both spirit and action.

It's a spa day for the mind & heart!

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I’m ready to share how I keep a positive mindset in the face of adversity. It’s easier than it sounds when you’ve got the right tools.
— Chrisette michele

What you'll learn at the "Pose N Post Symposium"

  • How to get rid of “Post Fright” and “Fear of Self Promotion” 

  • How to use social media to generate success in your business

  • How to stay positive in the midst of a Social Media Storm

  • How to remember your name when people try to define you

  • How to market your offering and stay authentic

What you'll walk away with after this amazing event:

  • A better sense of self and a heightened self esteem

  • An arsenal of tools to use social media to take your business to the next level

  • An authentic way to share your amazing product, gift or offering 

  • A better idea of how to manage your time and prioritize your entrepreneurial and personal responsibilities

  • A few new fabulous friends who live in your city and understand your lifestyle

  • Another woman’s story of how she used social media to generate millions of dollars one offering at a time


Social Media can catapult an entrepreneur into success they’ve never seen if they aren’t afraid to use the methods I’m about to share. I don’t know a new entrepreneur who wouldn’t enjoy the Pose N Post Symposium.
— Chrisette michele

Taking on the hat of mentor and coach with her online university, Chrisette has created a 1/2 day of mindset re-training, motivational storytelling, and online marketing strategies for the women who wouldn’t mind a day of uplifting paired with valuable information. 

Walk into the Pose N Post events with expectation. You’re going to leave empowered. You’re going to leave informed. You’re going to leave inspired.

Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. Get your ticket today and invest in your purpose.